UITableView: Display and hide cells as a dropdown list

When creating iOS applications, the need to pick a value from a list while displaying an UITableView comes up quite often. One obvious solution to that matter, and the hard one in most cases, is to load another UIView which may contain an UIPickerView or an UITableView that will list the values you need, let the user pick the value and then get back into your table and set the picked (by the user) value.

Another solution, more attractive and probably easier for the user is to display the list you need inside the UITableView that's been shown. Perhaps that approach sounds more difficult, but once you try it you'll find out yourself how fast, easy and beautiful solution is. Because an image equals to a thousand  words, the following image might give an idea of what I mean:

How to post on Facebook wall through an iOS app

Update: This post is outdated. The Facebook has released a newer SDK. For the time being I recommend to take a look at the Facebook documentation at http://developers.facebook.com.

Making an iPhone or iPad application that allows user to post on his/her Facebook wall sounds really fascinating and exciting, but there is always one question that comes up: How to do that? The major disadvantage of embedding Facebook functionality into an application is the lack of a complete and comprehensive documentation that would help programmers to achieve that. Therefore, I'm writing down my personal experience, after having consumed some time in searching around the web, as well as in trial and error. To clarify the purpose of this post, I'm going to show all the necessary steps that are required to post a message on your Facebook wall. For that reason, I'm going to use an example application, the FBTestApp.